PHS Pep Band Divisional Itinerary

PHS Pep Band will be traveling to Butte, MT to support our Girls and Boys Basketball teams during the Divisional Basketball Tournament.  As the itinerary will change based on every game outcome, please refer to the tournament bracket to determine our schedule.  The band will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express (2609 Harrison Avenue Butte, MT; 406-782-2000) for the duration of our participation in the tournament.  All meals will be provided by Polson High School during the trip, however, students may want to have money for extra snacks and incidentals.  The hotel has full accommodations including workout facilities, spa, and pool (students may want to bring swimwear for this opportunity).  All students emergency waivers and contact information will be with the director at all times (Blanket Band Travel Waiver Signed at the beginning of the year). Certified Chaperones will be provided by Polson School District.  Most of the band activities will be shared via the PHS Band Facebook page and the PHS Band twitter page.  Please contact Mr. Sawyer if you have any questions.  Final Western Divisional Bracket – 2016