2015 District Music Festival

The 2015 District Music Festival Displays Polson High School Band student excellence.

On March 16-18, 2015 Polson High School band students participated in the District #1 Music Festival in Kalispell, MT.  Large groups performed on Thursday and Friday showcasing student prepared literature and sight-reading abilities.  The PHS Concert Band and Percussion started the festival for Polson High School with Greenwillow Portrait by Mark Williams followed by Whiteleaf Hill by Benjamin Tucker.  Adjudicators were very impressed by the PHS Concert Band ensemble sound.  The band then completed the sight reading evaluation which demonstrates musician pure ability and skill set.  The bands received an excellent rating on prepared pieces and a superior rating on sight reading.  Friday, the PHS Symphonic Band & Percussion “knocked it out of the park” with With Every Winter’s Breath by Randall Standridge, a piece written to memorialize Maddie Milner, a trumpet player in the Bayfield, CO High School band, who passed on doing what she loved in a skiing accident her freshman year.  This was followed by Zoom! by Ayatey Shabazz, a fast-paced, exciting, mixed meter piece which demonstrated PHS Band students technical facility.  PHS Symphonic Band members then displayed Amazing sight-reading skills for Dr. Kevin Griggs of the University of Montana-Missoula.  All of the adjudicators were very impressed by the work of the PHS Symphonic Band which received a superior rating on all entries in the festival.

Saturday was solo and ensemble day at Glacier High School.  PHS Band Students prepared pieces for small ensembles like the PHS Clarinet Quartet’s performance of Spring by Antonio Vivaldi,  and numerous solo works.  “The festival was a great display of the excellence that Polson High School band students show everyday, I am very proud of their hard work and success.”, said Rich Sawyer, Polson High School Band Director.  The superior solo and ensemble rated students will take their pieces to the State Music Festival at the University of Montana-Missoula on May 2-3, 2015, which is open to the public.  Scores and Ratings for the Polson High School Band are as follows:

Polson High School Band

Superior Large Ensembles: Polson High School Symphonic Band (Prepared and Sight-reading) Polson High School Concert Band: (Sight-reading)

Excellent Large Ensembles: Polson High School Concert Band (Prepared)

Superior Band Solos: Austin Martinez (Bass Clarinet), Marita GrowingThunder (Trombone), Sierra Garcia (Trombone), Hannah Hobbs (Flute)

Superior Band Ensembles: Brady Vance/Russell Matt (Snare Drum/Bass Drum Duet), Austin Martinez/Tyra Rucker-Huitt, Malysa Lamphere, Cosmo Garza (Clarinet Quartet), Austin Martinez/Hannah Hobbs (Clarinet/Flute Duet)

Excellent Band Solos: Warren Wood (Horn Solo), Tessa Nunlist (Marimba Solo)

Excellent Band Ensembles: Abby Ayers/Hannah Hobbs/Naima Crowl (Flute Trio), Abby Ayers/Hannah Hobbs (Flute Duet), Abby Ayers/Naima Crowl (Flute Duet), Austin Martinez/Alex Mausshardt/Peyton Dupuis/Hope Unger/Cosmo Garza/Tyra Rucker-Huitt/Malysa Lamphere (Clarinet Choir), Walter Wood/Warren Wood/Sophia Sisler/Sierra Garcia (Brass Ensemble), Tessa Nunlist/Russell Matt/Sarah Howell (Mallet Trio), Morgan Moll, Sierra Garcia, Carson McDaniel (Trombone Trio)