Welcome to Mr. Petersen’s Website!

Mr. Petersen hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington, Summer 2016

Welcome to Mr. Petersen’s website.  This is the ONLY WEBSITE OUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE where you can get pertinent, updated information about Mr. Petersen at Polson High School.  If you bother to give it some thought, you may find it almost amazing!  On the other hand, some physicists think that our universe in just one of an infinite number of multiverses.  In that case, there are an infinite number of these websites.  Either way, this is only one that you can visit–so enjoy!

I used to spend a good deal of time keeping my website updated with class information including a daily schedule, but I found that virtually nobody ever visited those pages, so I have to admit that I have stopped doing that.  Now I just give all of the students a “Unit Overview” for each unit of study that lists the homework assignments, labs, worksheets, quizzes, and other requirements.

There is also a link (About Mr. Petersen) where you can get some generic information about Mr. Petersen.  If you are really hurting for something to do, well, it is something to do.  This mostly has phone numbers and stuff.

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