2 03 2017

Summer 2017 Workshop August 14th-18th: Enacting the Standards of Mathematical Practices

What is the Flathead Reservation Algebra Collaboration?

The Flathead Reservation Algebra Collaboration (FRACtion) is a professional development project funded by the Montana Office of Public Instruction that administrators, high school and middle school math teachers from high-need LEA’s, and college and university math faculty in a professional learning community focused on math education. The ultimate goal of the FRACtion is to improve mathematical instruction and content knowledge at the high school algebra level. A cohort of ten to twelve teachers will be recruited from high-needs LEA’s schools on the Flathead Reservation to participate in year round professional development activities consisting of a five day summer workshop, Studio Days, Teacher Math Nights and a Professional Learning Community.  Instruction will be designed and delivered by SKC math faculty.