English 12: Finals

Hamlet Essay: Due during your class’ final period.  Turn the paper into turnitin.com as well.  Essay conferences January 15 and 16 in class.

Hamlet Essay

5th Period: Hamlet test on final exam day.


English 12: 1/3 – 1/5/18

English 12:

Wednesday: Group recap of  Hamlet up to Act IV.  Class reading of IV.i.-iv.

Thursday:  Finish reading Hamlet IV.

Friday: Substitute: Fill out worksheet to summarize Hamlet up to this point.


English 12: 12/4-12/8

Monday: Hamlet I.v.


Hamlet Act I Writing Assignment

Directions: In a well-constructed paragraph (close to a page) type a response answering the following question:

How has the image of a nature, in particularly, a garden played a significant role in the play through Act I?

Wednesday: Hamlet II.i.

Thursday: Hamlet II.ii.

Friday: Hamlet II.iii.


English 12: Fools Crow Essay

Fools Crow Essay: Due 11/27/17, by start of class.   Turnitin and hard copy.



11/17/17: Outline due.

11/20-21: Essay conferences during class.

Fools Crow Chapter Summaries: Copy and Paste link.








English 12: 11/1/17 Period 1 & 6

Read up to Chapter 22 in Fools Crow.


English 12: 10/26-10/27: Period 2 & 6

In-Class: Truth from Fiction – Find 10 characters/events in Fools Crow that establishes their existence in history.  On GoogleSlides.  Research online and give brief info: i.e. birth/death, what tribe, importance in history.


English 12: Period 2 and 6: 10/11/17

Read Fools Crow through Chapter 6.

If you are struggling with understanding the reading…print out “Fools Crow Characters” sheet for clarification.


English 12: 10/6/17: Period 6

Fools Crow PPT:

Chapter 1.


English 12: 10/6/17: Period 5.

Finish College Essay/Cover Letter.



English 12: 10/6: Period 2

Fools Crow: Chapter 2 and 3

White Man’s Dog Family Tree

List of characters in F.C.:

Fools Crow Characters