Zoology – Qtr 2

Welcome to the Zoology Assignment Log

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This course will only be offered in the Fall of 2012.
 It will not be offered again until the Fall of 2014.

Week #9
Jan 21/M  8 AM: review session.  Due: Crayfish Dissection Guide.  Test: Arthropoda.
Jan 22/T  Read: Amphibia (especially Frog info):  Scott: 474-481,  BDOL: 827-833.
Jan 23/W
Jan 24/Th
Jan 25/F –  End of Quarter/Semester.

Week #8
Jan 14/M –  Science Monday Make-up Day (3:30-5:30).  Read: Arthropoda:  Scott: 425-450, BDOL: 761-775.
Jan 15/T –  Discuss: Arthropoda, Crustacea and Crayfish.  HO: two Crayfish dissection guides.
Jan 16/W –  Dissection – Day #1 – Crayfish.  HO: Dissection worksheet on Crayfish.
Jan 17/Th
  Dissection – Day #2 – Crayfish
Jan 18/F –  Work Time: Crayfish Dissection Guide.  Due Mon: Crayfish Dissection Guide worksheet.  Review: for Monday Arthropoda test.  Monday 8 AM: review session.

Week #7
Jan 07/M –  HB: Clam Dissection Guide & Mollusca test.  Test Retakes allowed this week only.  HO: 1st Sea Urchin reading.  Discuss: Intro to Echinodermata.
Jan 08/T – 
Discuss: Continue Intro to Echinodermata.  HO: 2nd Sea Urchin reading & Sea Star Physiology Guide.
Jan 09/W –  HO: Sea Star Dissection Guide.  Day #1: Sea Star External Anatomy.   Quizam Friday: Phylum Echinodermata.
Jan 10/Th – 
Day #2: Sea Star Internal Anatomy.  Due Fri: Sea Star Dissection Guide.
Jan 11/F –  Due: Sea Star Dissection Guide.  Quizam: Phylum Echinodermata

Week #6
Dec 17/M –  PC: Squid Dissection Worksheet.  Finish: “The Octopus Show” video (part #2).  Continue: discuss squid anatomy.
Dec 18/T  Finish: squid anatomy.  Begin: Squid dissection.
Dec 19/W  Finish Squid dissection.  Review Session @ 8 AM for Thursday Mollusca test
Dec 20/Th  Test: Phylum Mollusca.  Due: Squid dissection worksheet.  Read: Echinodermata – BDOL: pg 786-793,  Scott: pg 418-421.  Video: IMAX “Deep Sea” – part #1
Dec 21/F  Short Periods: Talent Show.  Intro: Phylum Echinodermata.  Video: IMAX “Deep Sea” – part #2. 
Merry Christmas !!!

Week #5
Dec 10/M –  Finish: Clam Dissection.
Dec 11/T  Short 35 min periods today due to Shakespeare play.  HO: Squid Background info.  HO: Squid Dissection Guide – pages #1 & 2.  Discuss: Phylum Mollusca – Class Cephalopoda.
Dec 12/W –  HO: Squid Dissection Guide – pages #3-11.  Discuss: Squid anatomy & physiology.
Dec 13/Th –  HO: Squid Dissection worksheet (due next Thursday).  Video: “The Octopus Show” – part #1.
Dec 14/F  PIR Day – No School for Students.

Week #4
Dec 03/M –  Test Retakes: Monday or Tuesday.  Intro: Phylum Mollusca.  Read: BDOL: pg 740-747, Scott: pg 413-417.
Dec 04/T –  Due: Slug Sex Life & Snail with “Eat Me” sign.  Continue Intro: Phylum Mollusca.
Dec 05/W –  Discuss: Dissection of Clam – anatomy / physiology specifics.  HO: Clam Dissection Guide (3 pages).
Dec 06/Th –  Discuss: Dissection of Clam – anatomy / physiology specifics.  Begin: Clam Dissection – External Features.
Dec 07/F –  Continue: Clam Dissection – Internal Features.

Week #3
Nov 26/M –  Reminder: all test retakes must be completed by today.  HO: Giant Worm reading.  HO: Earthworm Dissection Guide (read for Tuesday dissection).  Discuss: Phylum Annelida.
Nov 27/T
  Begin: Earthworm dissection.
Nov 28/W
  Continue: Earthworm dissection.
Nov 29/Th  Discuss: last facts about Phylum Annelida.  Test Friday – Phylum Annelida.  Practice Lab Exam: Earthworm dissection structures.
Nov 30/F –  Review – 8AM.  Test – Phylum Annelida.  Test Retakes: on Monday or Tuesday, December 3rd or 4th.  Begin: Phylum Mollusca on Monday.  Read: BDOL: pg 740-747, Scott: pg 413-417.  HO: Slug Sex Life & Snail with “Eat Me” sign.  Answers Due Tuesday.

Week #2
Nov 19/M  Due: Analysis worksheet for the “Mystery” reading.  Due: Lab – Nematoda Slides.  Review for Tuesday Test.
Nov 20/T  Test: Nematoda.  Begin: Discussion of Phylum Annelida.  Read: Phylum Annelida: Scott: pg 408-412, BDOL: 748-753.
Nov 21/W –  HB: Nematoda test results.  Continue: Phylum Annelida discussionReminder: all test retakes must be completed by Monday, Nov. 26th.
Nov 22/Th –  No School 
Nov 23/F –   No School

Week #1
Nov 12/M –  Read: Phylum Nematoda:  Scott: pg 406-407, BDOL: 731-733.  HC: progress on “Mystery” reading?  Lab: Nematoda Slides – Day #1.
Nov 13/T –  HO: Analysis worksheet for the “Mystery” reading.  Due: Monday.   Lab: Nematoda Slides – Day #2.
Nov 14/W –  HO: Dissection Guide – Ascaris lumbricoidesBegin Lab Dissection: Ascaris lumbricoidesHeads Up: Nematoda Test will be next Tuesday.
Nov 15/Th  Due Monday: Analysis worksheet for the “Mystery” reading.  Finish Lab Dissection: Ascaris lumbricoides.  Heads Up: Nematoda Test will be next Tuesday.  Review: Nematoda terms for Tues. test.
Nov 16/F
No School
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Dates to note:
Nov 9/FEnd of Qtr #1
Nov 16/FPIR Day
Nov 22 & 23/Th & FThanksgiving
Dec 14/FPIR Day
Dec 24/M to Jan 2/W – Winter Break
Jan 3/Th & Jan 4/F – Jump Dance
Jan 25/FEnd of Qtr #2

Feb 6/W
PIR 1/2 Day
Feb 18/M
– Presidents Day / PIR Day
Mar 6/W – PIR 1/2 Day
Mar 29/FEnd of Qtr #3

April 1 – 5/M – F – Spring Break
April 17/W – PIR 1/2 Day
May 24/F – PIR Day
May 27/M – Memorial Day
June 3/M – PIR 1/2 Day
June 7/FLast Day