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This (insert topic here) page
 is all about… topic intro starts here…
Please make sure that this “Topic” line begins with the boldbrown text you see above and that the actual topic “Intro” text uses non-bold, black.

Note:  The blank line you see above the brown Title line contains an invisible white dot as a spacer.
Don’t remove it.

Caution:  When you have completed your “Intro” section be sure to delete all of these directions.  Do NOT delete or change the teal-colored information and square brackets you see below this line
(only visible in template before publishing).

[downloads_box title=”Downloads Library:”]

Tutorial:  How to place a green “Download” button onto this page that will link to a PDF file currently stored within your Media Library.

Step #1:  Open a new, blank post in a new tab. Name it appropriately & click the “Publish” button.

Step #2:  Drag (select) everything in this Template post.  Right-click the selection and choose “COPY“.

Step #3:  Click on the tab of the newly named and published post.  Right-click somewhere in the large, empty, text editor window and choose “PASTE“.

Step #4:  Go back to this original Template post and close it so it won’t be accidentally changed.  Caution: DON’T save it

Step #5:  In your new post type in the Title for File #1 using the bold & underlined template text you see below this line… go ahead, type right over the top of the example text… it preserves the color and font attributes that way.  Be sure to add the description also.

File #1 Title Goes Here – The description of that file, including important “Key” words, should go here.  Make sure it uses this teal colored text.


Step #6:  Open the “Media” library in a new tab.  Find the PDF file (worksheet, reading, etc.) you wish to link to within this post.  Click on it’s title or click the “Edit” link.

Step #7:  When the edit window opens look in the right margin.  Find the “File URL” for your PDF file.  Drag select the entire URL line or simply do a Right-click & “Select All” and then do a Right-click & “COPY“.

Step #8:  Click the “Update” button to save your work so far.

Step #9:  We are now going to create a green “Download‘ Button that matches the button you see below Step #15.

Step #10:  Place your cursor at the start of the blank line you see directly below your teal-colored file title and description (above Step #6).  This is where your button will be created.

Step #11:  Find and click the “Insert Button” tool (last icon in top “tools” row).  When the “Insert Button” window opens immediately Right-click & “PASTE” your saved PDF URL into the correct field.

Step #12:  In the “Text” field type:  “Click to View or Right-click to Download file”.  (or you can do a direct COPY & PASTE using the text we’ve typed in this step)

Step #13:  The “Text Color” field can stay white (#ffffff) but you will need to change the “Button Color” to #189c0e.  The box should turn green.

Step #14:  The “Type” of button should be “Glossy Rounded” and the “Size” should be “Extra Small“.  Nothing else needs to be changed.  When you click the “Insert” button your new green button should appear in the blank line above Step #6.

Step #15:  To avoid confusion it is recommended that you select and delete the original example green button you see below.  Do it NOW.

Example “Download” Button
  Click to View or Right-click to Download file      

Step #16:  As long as you are deleting the example button this would be a good time to also delete everything you see in BLACK text… Steps #1 to Step #17.

Step #17:  CAUTION:  Do NOT delete ANY teal colored lines… especially the one you see directly below… the one in square brackets that says “/downloads_box“.

Step #18:  If you wish to create a link to a different Post or Page… open a new tab and use it to visit the main “Posts” or “Pages” file list… find the post or page you wish to link to… hover your cursor over the file name until the word “View” appears… drag the word “View” over to the tab containing the post you have been editing… hover on the tab until the editor window opens… drop the word onto a blank line down in the editor window… type WITHIN the word “View” to change it into an appropriate description of where this link will lead the visitor… click the “Update” button… Done!    Note:  you may also simply highlight the word “View” and do a Copy & Paste into your editor window if your browser (ex: MS IE) does not support dragging and dropping between tabs!


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11 hammer 145Instructor Name Goes Here  (replace graphic)
Academic / Professional Creds / Job Title
Polson High School
Science Department
Professional Website URL   (optional)

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