WordPress Tutorial


Welcome to the PHS Professional Development Session on the WordPress Web Editing System.


1) Do You Even NEED a Teacher Web Site?

Have been telling yourself;   “I don’t need a web site !” ?
If so, consider the following…

– What could you do on-line to better help your kids to succeed?

– Do your kids keep forgetting about due dates and tests, etc.?

– Are you tired of providing replacements for “lost” handouts?

– Could you help your kids by providing downloadable support materials?
…..– special articles?  – video clips?  – links to career information?
…..– audio recordings?  – PowerPoint tutorials?  – link to an on-line textbook?
…..– Indian Ed For All materials related to your curriculum?

– Do you wish you could make anonymous examples of great student work
….easily available to your students… even from home?

– Are your parents frustrated when; “No, I don’t have any homework
turns out to not be true… and now it’s too late to fix the problem?

– Would your parents appreciate knowing when the tests are coming?

– Do you wish you could share frequently changing “newsy” content but with
zero effort on YOUR part?

– Concerned that your after school coaching duties (however worthy) might
make you harder to reach when your kids need extra help?

– Do you wish you could “be there” for your kids but hesitate to give out your
home phone number?

– Do you wish your kids could post to a common on-line location for group

– Would you like to post photos of your kids in action?

– Do you wish you could do something that will help make educators
….“look good” to the community?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above then you might want to reconsider that Teacher Web Site idea. The WordPress web editor can help you with ALL of these concerns… easily.


It’s time to see what others are doing with WP…

Next…Tour Existing PHS WP Sites


Video Tutorials

The following videos were put together to assist the folks working on a Geology Library web site that uses the same “Theme” as this PHS site.  It should look familiar although the topic will obviously be Geology not Education.  The layout and file linking concepts are the same.

Tutorial Video #1 – In this tutorial we will take a short “Welcome to the GLAT” general tour of this website.  We will also show you what the new curator can expect to see “behind the curtain” in the editor window.  We will also introduce you to the curator’s “Template” file that is designed to eliminate much of the “tech work” that would normally be needed to produce a nice looking web page.
Length: 11 minutes.  File Size: 17 MB.
 Click To Stream Video Tutorial #1    (Right-click to save)       

Tutorial Video #2 – In this second tutorial we will show you more about how to use the curator “Template” file to build a new “Post” page.  This new page will contain a fancy link button (like the green one you see below this text) that will allow a visitor to download a previously saved PDF document.
Length: 16 minutes.  File Size: 18 MB
 Click To Stream Video Tutorial #2    (Right-click to save)       

Tutorial Video #3 – In this tutorial we continue to polish up the new “Post” page we created in Video Tutorial #2.  We will also create a new “Related Links” button box that will allow our visitors to easily jump back to the original “Dr. Kiersch” Biography page.
Length: 16 minutes.  File Size: 17 MB
 Click To Stream Video Tutorial #3    (Right-click to save)      

Tutorial Video #4 –  In this tutorial we will review how to create a downloads box and then we will learn how to replace the example photo that we found in the corner of our new “George Kiersch Publications” page using the “Photo Replace” feature and a new photo from the Media Library.
Length: 14 minutes.  File Size: 15 MB
 Click To Stream Video Tutorial #4    (Right-click to save)      


Table Of Contents
1)  Do I even NEED a web site?
2)  Tour existing PHS WP sites
3)  Logging in to your WP editor
4)  Picking your own theme
5)  The basic format of a page
6)  The center section of a page
7)  Creating a new page… or post
8)  How do I LINK to another page?
9)  How do I add photos to a page?