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Assignment Links:
Choosing A Career”  – site
(read down to “Wildlife Forensics”)

Try The CSI Web Adventures Case Investigation Simulations –
The CSI Web adventures are a series of interactive cases featuring the characters from the CBS TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  These cases allow players to experience several different types of forensic analysis while the receive their “Rookie Training” (Case One) and eventually solve mysteries with the CSI team (Cases Two to Five).  Each case of the CSI Web Adventures is designed to be played in one sitting of approximately 45-60 minutes. The player can control the speed of the game and stop along the way.   The game will save your progress as long as you log out.

General Interest Forensic Science Sites:
Note: the reader is advised that these links change constantly and have not been veted for “General Audience” content. Surf wisely.
Reddy’s Forensic Page
Zeno’s Forensic Page
General Catalog of Forensic Science Links
NOVA – Chronology of a Murder – The Case of Dr. Sam Sheppard
Careers In The Forensic Sciences