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Hello Students and Parents !!!

This was the place to visit to find out what we were doing in Science during a typical year.  Students were be able to verify when assignments vere due.  Parents were able to see when tests and quizzes were coming up so they could offer to help with the study and/or review process!  Start by clicking the appropriate page or course link in the “Assignments Etc.” area in the left margin (now removed I’m afraid).

 Download the Parent and Student Science Survival Guide”  and… “The Rules”… sorry, we all have them… they’re called the “Class Procedures“.

 Have you ever lost a handout? Perhaps you forgot to bring it home and it’s due in the morning?  What if you brought the assignment home… did a GREAT job on it… but then LEFT it on your bed and it’s due today?  We do have a “No Late Work” policy but fear not, all is not lost… if you act fast.  Simply visit the “Downloads” page and download a new copy!  Parents, this is also a great way to make sure that work is getting completed on time… download your own copy!     Note To Parents:  all “Downloads” pages are password protected.  Your son/daughter should know the password or you can simply send a text message (250-1487) to request it.

 Confused about an assignment or the grades just don’t look quite right on PowerSchool? Parents, are you hearing unhappy grumbling about a class?     Let me get everyone back on the easy path or smooth the ruffled feathers… almost ALL problems are due to a misunderstanding (hmm… or perhaps a lack of study?).   Don’t ever hesitate to give me a call or text (be sure to include your name) at home at 250-1487.   Since I’m ASKING students to call me at home, don’t expect me to be too keen on that old excuse:  “I didn’t understand the homework.
Please try to avoid the hours from 6:00 to 8:00 PM (dinner).

 Did you forget your textbook at school and suddenly remember that you have a quiz in the morning?  Don’t worry, click the “Biology Text On-line” link in the left margin.
Your “User Name” should be:  BDOL (That’s the abbreviation for the title of your textbook).  Your “Password”  should be:   HUCHETASP5   

Or look for the link on the “Biology Downloads” page. 
I would suggest that you download each chapter as it is assigned and then save it to a folder on your desktop named “Biology“.  That way you can jump back into the book for a quick review session without having to wait for the file to download each time. 
Tablet computer owners
(Android, Kindle, iPad, etc.) these files look GREAT on your tablet!  You can even do a finger pinch to ZOOM up on a photo for a closer look!  What a great new way to study!

Great News!
 Now you can even LISTEN to your Biology chapter!

Click the “Biology Text Chapter MP3’s” link at left and you will be able to download an MP3 audio file of your instructor reading along with you in your book!   Please note that last part  “…reading along with you…“.  I’m here to HELP you read your book and learn your lessons… not to do your work FOR you.  Let me help you get through the tough concepts and big words but you must try to read along with me in your book.  My explanations will work best if you can study the words, diagrams and photos as we go along.  This is also a great way to review if you are stuck on a long team bus ride to/from a game.  Even better… kick back with a Biology chapter PDF on your tablet while listening to the audio recordings for that chapter!

 Review Sessions: I try to offer review sessions before every quiz or test.  Review sessions will begin at 8 AM and last until the first bell.  Late arrivers are always welcome, although they may not be able to find seats.  Science Dept. meetings (Tues AM) and All Staff meetings (Thurs AM) will prevent review sessions on those days… sorry.

 Extra help: I am usually in the building from about 7:40 AM until almost 6:00 PM every day.  I have also set aside period #3 as a “Help Period“.
Don’t forget that I have the “pleasure” of running the school Noon Study Room every TuesWed, and Thurs.
You certainly don’t have to wait to be ASSIGNED to stop by for study help!   ALL students are welcome to join us.  It’s a STUDY room after all !   Beat the rush!

 Don’t forget you are also encouraged to contact me via email at:  
dobrien @ polson . k12 . mt . us

–  Mr. O’B

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Courses Formerly Taught By Mr. O’B:

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Length:  Year
Prerequisite:  Earth Science
Entry Level:  10
Room:  103

Text:  Biology –
The Dy
The Dynamics Of Life
Publisher:  Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Biology is the study of life. Various living systems will be covered from an environmental, cellular and evolutionary perspective. Also included will be cell reproduction, molecular biology and genetics. There will be a heavy emphasis on problem solving and application of the scientific method.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Field Biology

Length:  1 Semester (Fall only)
Prerequisite:  Biology
Entry Level:  11
Room:  103

Text:   Biology –
The Dy
The Dynamics Of Life
Publisher:   Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Field Biology will be offered in the fall of every other year and will be followed (in the same time slot) by the Forensic Science course in the spring.  The fine Autumn weather will allow us to study outdoor topics such as Entomology (insect collecting and identifying) and Botany (plant collecting and identifying).  A unit on the cultural and medicinal use of plants will also be included.  When the weather brings us indoors we will finish the semester by completing our collections and, as time permits, by doing various Life Science lab activities and/or independent research projects.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Length:  1 Semester (Fall only)
Prerequisite:  Biology
Entry Level:    11
Room:  103

Text:  Biology –
The Dy
The Dynamics Of Life
Publisher:  Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Zoology will be offered in the fall of every other year and will be followed (in the same time slot) by the Forensic Science course in the spring.   Zoology will be a highly lab oriented tour of the animal kingdom.  We will begin our exploration at the level of the lowly sponges and work our way up through ever more complex phyla until we reach the vertebrates.  This course will also provide the student with the background terminology and dissection skills that will allow a smooth transition to the Physiology course.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Length:   1 Semester (Spring only)
Prerequisite:   Earth Science

Co-requisite:  Biology
Entry Level:    10
Room:  103
:     none

Forensic Science will be offered in the Spring of every year and will follow (in the same time slot) the Fall semester Zoology or Fall semester Field Biology courses.  Forensic Science is the study of any aspect of science as it relates to the law. In fact, nearly any field of science may turn out to be of use in a criminal investigation.
In this course we will concentrate on subjects such as;  crime scene processing protocols, criminal law, cs photography, DNA analysis, firearms & ballistics, toolmarks, serology, fingerprinting, odontology, blood spatter analysis, entomology, anthropology, hair & fiber analysis, questioned documents and the history of Forensics.